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Wondering about PFS? We'll let you hear it straight from our exhibitors and colleagues.....

Hilary Jay, founding director of DesignPhiladelphia

PIFS aids a national audience – maybe even international aficionados –  in grasping the importance, beauty, and heritage of handmade furniture. And, Philadelphia is the perfect place for such a show to have come alive, given the city’s centuries-old tradition of fine woodworking. Bravissimo! Wishing you continued success showing and selling the extraordinary accomplishments of craftspeople and handmade art.

Glenn Adamson, director of the Museum of Arts and Design (NY)

 The tradition of bespoke furniture goes back to the very beginnings of
American history. Back then, nearly every chair was an occasion for social interaction – the maker and consumer knew one another personally. Today of course, that is a rarity. But the value of the direct commission, through which a domestic space can be shaped  for the user by an artisan, is still with us. The Philadelphia Invitational Furniture Show is a venue of inestimable importance for such encounters. With two decades of success behind it and more to come in the future, this is an anniversary truly worth celebrating.

Peter Handler

I have done the Furniture show each year since the start.  The show has dramatically improved, and continued to do so each year, since moving to the Cruise Ship Terminal.  A year ago, I actually had my best show ever, based on two commissions, one of them several living room chairs, the other a dining room table and chairs and a living room makeover.

This year, so far, I have two commissions, for a small dining table, and a “retreat” area in a local home for two reading chairs, a desk chair and an ottoman.  I am close to landing another commission for a kitchen dining table and chairs, and collaborating in a kitchenmakeover for the same client.

The smaller size of the show is a definite asset.  Also, like the early years of the show, the work is largely furniture, and associated (parallel direction) craft.

John Landis, John Landis Cabinetworks Warminster, PA

Under new management, the PIFS continues to exhibit some of the best furniture being made in the US today, and the show continues to draw some of the best collectors and buyers of today's designers' work.


I have been an exhibitor at the Philadelphia Furniture Show since its second year. It, like many shows I have participated in over the years, has undergone many changes in style, location, and attendees, as well as exhibitors.  I have participated in the “roaring 90s” and the not so roaring ’09. One thing that has stayed true to the Philly show is the level of interest in the attendees making the either long or just around the corner journey to the show.


The Philadelphia show, year in and year out, proves to be one of my best selling shows. With the new location at the downtown Armory, I feel confident that the show’s attendance will only grow and its base of clients improve. In fact, my best client this year travelled from Washington DC solely to visit the show and we were able to give him exactly what he wanted.  I highly recommend applying to this show, bring your best work, bring your best sales persona and make a statement.

The show is open to the public.

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