Philadelphia Furniture Show Emerging Artist Competition

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2019 Emerging Artist Winners!

Jamie Herman
Jamie Herman Studio Furniture
Burlington, VT

"I couldn’t be more thrilled to be able to show my work in Philadelphia this fall. I think that having opportunities like this available to emerging makers like myself is incredibly important to the continued evolution of craft, allowing a new generation to show their work and get feedback from their peers and the public. Plus, Philadelphia has such a long and fantastic history of woodworking, from the early Federal masters to Esherick and Nakashima. It’s exciting and humbling to be a part of that line of craftspeople."

Irene Wei
Irene Wei
Ann Arbor, MI

"I have gone to the Philadelphia Furniture Show before in years past as a visitor when I was a student. I have always been in awe of the impeccable craftsmanship the designers display at the show and learned a lot about design at a time when I did not know much. As a student, I aspired to be a part of exhibitions like this one day. To have been selected as an Emerging Artist and exhibit my work alongside all these amazing designers is an incredible honor."

2018 Emerging Artist Winner!

Manan Narang
Providence, RI

“As designers we’re always questioning the relevance of our work and trying to get feedback to constantly improve. Winning this competition really gives me a boost, as in some way I get the message ‘This looks promising!’. Also, it gives me a great opportunity to get real-time feedback from fellow designers and artists and people at the show.”

2017 Emerging Artist Winners!

"My interest in furniture design began when the artist in me embarke on an architectural education. Perpetually in doubt of theory, I had to test it myself, and thus entered the realm of fabrication, experimental structures and material research. In graduate school I developed a strong appreciation for furniture, which I consider to be another form of architecture. The furniture builder, like the architect, also addresses human perception and comfort but with a much higher degree of intimacy and flexibility. Upon graduation I moved to Bucks County, PA and opened a prototyping workshop (Moosch Design, llc) where I hope to create a body of work that reflects my studies, travels and experimentation. Along with help from my brother and engineer, Alex, and local woodworker, Bruce Linthicum, we explore the inherent behavioral qualities of certain materials (usually either wood, concrete or metal) that are often overlooked or seen as problematic and use them to an advantage."

Julia Michalski
Moosch Design, LLC 
Newtown, PA

Furniture as artifacts of culture. My work analyzes the existing formats of furniture symbols, ideals and uses and shifts them to create forms that embody the changing world around us. Through my design process I hope to develop new artifacts that match or precede a contemporary climate charged with evolution.

Justin Seow
Rhode Island School of Design
Providence, RI

2016 Emerging Artist Winner!

The winner of 2016’s Emerging Artist Contest is Michaela Crie Stone of the Center for Furniture Craftsmanship Studio Fellowship Program, Rockport, Maine 


Michaela Crie Stone's belief that "functional craft and discursive fine art do not have to be mutually exclusive" is clearly evident in her designs.  Stone strives to "create work which conveys that craft does not have to be devoid of intellectual examination and that fine art can function outside of the vacuum that is the gallery".  We look forward to seeing a showcase of her work at the 2016 show!  Stone will receive a free booth complete with surround/pipe and drape and needed electricity & lighting, as well as a mentorship session with a member of The Furniture Society. 

Michaela Crie Stone
Center for Furniture Craftsmanship Studio Fellow 
Rockport, Maine
February 2012- Present 


2015 Emerging Artist Winner!

Keunho Peter Park,
Rochester Institute of Technology - MFA Woodworking and Furniture Design, 2013 


The winner of 2015’s Emerging Artist Contest is Keunho Peter Park of Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, New York 


What an amazing array of talent. Our jury determined the winning entry based on the beautiful melding of art and function.  Park's pieces are sculptural, innovative, fluid and fascinating.  Park's skill, craftsmanship and design are worthy of this honor and we look forward to seeing a showcase of his work at the 2015 show!  Park will receive a free both at our show complete with surround/pipe and drape and needed electricity & lighting. 

2014 Emerging Artist Winner!

Vincent Edwards,
Herron School of Art & Design Indianapolis, Indiana. 


The winner of 2014’s Emerging Artist Contest is Vincent Edwards of Herron School of Art and Design in Indianapolis, Indiana. 


What an amazing array of talent. Our jury determined the winning entry based on skill, craftsmanship, design, innovation, beauty, and presentation. The winner received a free both at our show complete with surround/pipe and drape and needed electricity & lighting. 

The show is open to the public.

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